Project Info

Monday 8th May, 7pm  performance

Royal Albert Hall

Final Rehearsals:

We are so nearly there! Details below for the final rehearsal and the arrangements for the big day.

Sunday 7th May: Sports Hall, Harris Academy Morden.

10am – 12.30pm
East Choir West Choir

Merton Park

The Priory

Wimbledon Chase

Bishop Gilpin

Cricket Green

Holy Trinity



St Mary’s

1.30pm – 4.00pm
East Choir West Choir




Polish Choir

Harris Primary


St Thomas of Cant.

William Morris

Young Voices

Youth Harmony Choir: 10am –  4pm

( Groovement, Harris VoiceBox and Elite choirs, Ursuline, Wimbledon College, Wimbledon Youth Choir)

NWT YAC group: 10am – 4pm


If you are on foot you will need to head to the Sports Hall which you can access from the main Harris entrance on Lilleshall Road. You will need to escort your children into the sports hall. It will be signposted but it is on the right hand side of the playground. You will collect your children from the sports hall.

If you are driving you can only park in the car park at the BACK of the school in Llanthony Rd SM4 6DX. There may also be some parking in local streets. Please do not use the main entrance gate as it is in use for another event. You will need to escort your children through the grey gate and into the sports hall. It will be signposted. You will collect your children from the sports hall.


Ring MMF offices on Tuesday or Thursday to buy tickets direct from us. Call 020 8640 5446. We will also be selling tickets and programmes  on the 7th May whilst the children are rehearsing.

The Big Day

Monday 8th May from 2pm :

Schools will arrive at the Royal Albert Hall for dress rehearsal from 1.30 pm. We are asking children and staff to wear black (or dark grey) trousers or skirts. Black tights/socks and black school shoes and the t-shirt your school has organised.

Where to meet your child after the concert.

RAH Colour Zones final

Click on the link above to see which area your child will be taken to meet you after the concert

BLUE South Steps, East side:  Ursuline Singers; Wimbledon College Singers; Harris Academy Morden Singers ,Abbotsbury, Cricket Green Singers, Hollymount,  Pelham, Poplar, St Mary’s, The Priory, Wimbledon Chase,

GREEN South Steps, West side:  Bishop Gilpin, Harris Primary, Links, Merton Park, Polish School, St Thomas of Canterbury , SS Peter and Paul, , William Morris, Young Voices

YELLOW Near West Car Park : Holy Trinity, Singlegate,

RED Kensington Gore : Hillcross, Malmesbury

Please wait well away from the exits. Any congestion will delay us getting the children